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ABouT FacE is the award winning 10 piece group out of San Francisco that blends elements of Funk, Latin Jazz, Dance and social commentary.

ABouT FacE has released 'the New Now' on One Fell Swoop Records currently available on Itunes and all streaming platforms. The first single, 'a Little Bad' has an accompanying video available below.

Vocals: Trista Beauchamp, Jarreau Cross, Ru Bradford, Steve Bradley, Lucia Rodriguez, Matt Silverman

Keyboards: Justus Dobrin, Ken Cook, Taylor Cutcomb

Bass: Angeline Saris, Taylor Cutcomb, Jim Fisher

Horns: Steve Bradley, John Gibson, Les Harris, Kevin Paladini, Vince Lars

Drums: Joel Criffin, Denise Martin, Ryan Low

Percussion: Mingo Lewis JR., Lindsey Ferguson, Paul Cicco

Guitar: Jim Fisher, Matt Silverman

Additional Vocals: Sarena Berg, Sydney Brown, Liza Clark-Christie, Lauri Jones, Stan Johnson, Murray Orrick, Anna Silverman, Natalie 'Nunu' Silverman

Extended Family: Lauri Jones, Stan Johnson, Bob McBain, Murray Orrick, Jim Reitzel, Bill Reitzel, Dave Tavel, Chick Peterson, Greg Rocha, Dave Anderson, 'Bagel'

Writing Credits: Ru Bradford, Steve Bradley, Ken Cook, Jim Fisher, Les Harris, Jim Reitzel, Matt Silverman

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